SEX, SPIES and PHOTOGRAPHS – A Wicked Way Interactive

Have you ever wished you could change the ending of a book? Well, now’s your chance!

WICKED WAY INTERACTIVES is an exciting new erotic series by Daire St. Denis where you (the reader) actively participate in the story’s outcome. Get started now with the first in the Wicked Way Interactive series…

SEX, SPIES AND PHOTOGRAPHSDaireStDennis_SexSpiesAndPhotographs_200

Claire Marshall has a hot husband, a nice home in the burbs and an assortment of hobbies to keep her busy. She’s perfectly happy, right? Right?!

So why can’t she stop spying on the new neighbor next door?

When she finds out he specializes in boudoir photography, she employs his services to help spice up her love life with husband, John. However, things heat up beyond Claire’s imagination when the neighbor and his exotic wife turn up at their place and the two couples end up involved in more—much more—than a photo shoot.

The relationship that develops between the neighbors is like nothing Claire has ever experienced, forcing her to realize she’s been living a lie, biding her time in the burbs, waiting for something to happen. Well, now something has happened and she’s faced with an impossible decision.

Claire needs help. Your help. Will you help her?

In this exciting new erotic format, you get to make the decision for Claire. You get to decide whether Claire will find her happily ever after. Or…something else altogether.

Welcome to Claire’s life. Welcome to WICKED WAY INTERACTIVE books by Daire St. Denis.


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  1. […] SEX, SPIES and PHOTOGRAPHS – A Wicked Way Interactive […]

  2. Maria says:

    Hi Daire

    Can you please advise if “How to Choose a Cowboy” in Unravelled is part of your “Savage Tales” series and in what reading order this should be in.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon

    • Hi Maria,

      Yes, How to Choose a Cowboy (in Unraveled) is part of Savage Tales and is a PREQUEL to How to Break a Cowboy – so you can read it first, though I wrote it for fans who wanted to read more about Connor and Wade. After How to Break a Cowboy is How to Train a Lover but it may be read out of order. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!


  3. Cindy Stephenson says:

    Will Tessa and Nikolai ever get back together?

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