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  1. G Levin says:

    I just finish reading about Tessa and Nicolai in the box series “Seduction in the Sun” and I am totally confused about the ending unless you are asking us to choose one. Was this your intention and if so, it left we wanting a different one. One where she chooses Nicolai.

    • Hi! Yes, the intention is that you are to choose the ending. There should have been a place to click so that you could choose the ending you wanted – Nicolai, Alander or neither. And at the end of whichever ending you chose, you should have had the choice to choose another ending as well. This format is called Wicked Way Interactive, where the reader has a say in the outcome of the story. Were the links in your version not working?


      • G Levin says:

        Yes the links were working and i read all three endings. I just was wishing for a different one. Thank you for replying so fast.

      • Ahhh!!! Of course. I see what you’re saying. You hoped for an ending where they end up together. She will get her HEA…one day.

  2. G Levin says:

    I really enjoyed your book and look forward to her HEA.

  3. maria williams says:

    I didn’t want it to end. I wanted an epilogue like 5 years later where her and Nic reunite and he is a successful architect and she is back home. They have their happily ever after.

  4. Tammy Morgan says:

    Will there be another book about Tessa and Christophe, and a reunion at eden? Besides “How to tempt a tycoon II”, I mean…considering they are kinda one in the same. I mean a book about their future.

    • Yes, there is definitely a plan for a book about Christophe’s and Tessa’s future (or past) depending on how you look at it. Christophe will also be the subject of a Wicked One Night stand, so make sure you’ve signed up for my newsletter to be alerted to any new releases. You can sign up here!


  5. lisarae says:

    What ever happened to wade and conner with tessa? Did I miss something somewhere?l

    • No you didn’t miss anything, Lisa. My schedule has been all over the place in the last six months! HOW TO MARRY A COWBOY (the third book in the Tessa/Wade/Connor) series will be coming out this year. Hopefully before summer!


      • antoinette wraa says:

        Hello, where can I find the book…How To Marry A Cowboy? It is August , 2015. Has it been published yet?

      • Hi Antoinette,

        The release date for How to Marry a Cowboy has been pushed back due to a conflict with a contract I signed with Harlequin Blaze. I’m hoping for a release date this fall! Sign up for my newsletter (I don’t spam, promise) and you’ll be alerted to any new releases coming up. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit.


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