How to Tempt a Tycoon II – A Savage Tale (Second Edition)

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One word describes Daire’s Savage Tales…HOT!

“Holy Hell!! – I don’t even know where to start other than saying this was just freaking HOT!”

HOW TO TEMPT A TYCOON – A Savage Tale (Second Edition)

Coming March 12, 2015

From USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author, Daire St. Denis, comes BOOK 6 in the SAVAGE SERIES, the red-hot, super sexy contemporary romance series featuring the one-of-a-kind, Tessa Savage.

This is the 2nd Edition of How to Tempt a Tycoon. Unlike the 1st Edition, it is NON-INTERACTIVE and has undergone significant changes. If you’ve already read the 1st Edition, you may also enjoy this one as it’s a much lighter, super-sexy version told in typical Tessa-style!

How to Tempt a Tycoon – A Savage Tale (2nd Edition) is part of the INVITATION TO EDEN series, featuring 27 New York Times, USA Today and Nationally Bestselling Authors. Though part of a series, HOW TO TEMPT A TYCOON is a stand-alone novel at approximately 200 pages.


Meet Tessa Savage. With no fixed address, Tessa travels the world for business and…pleasure. From the Rocky Mountains to the Greek Islands, there’s no place Tessa won’t explore and very few sexual positions she won’t try. She may not believe in a happily ever with just one partner, but she certainly believes in falling in love—hard—with as many partners as possible.


Tessa Savage has traveled all over the world but she has never been to Eden. Will she accept the invitation from the mysterious billionaire that could change her life? Join Tessa in this sensually charged tale of domination and submission, Tantra and time travel.

Recommended for a mature audience.

Available TODAY at the following e-retailers

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