RECKLESS FOR COWBOY – A Stampede Sizzler

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“You ever play ‘dare’ with a cowboy before, sweetheart?”

When it comes to the Calgary Stampede, Brooke Hamilton has one piece of advice…stay away from cowboys!

Too bad she can’t follow it herself. You’d think it’d be easy, after her last experience. But the minute she meets Cooper Hays, saddle bronc rider and rodeo hotshot, her reckless heart falls hard and fast.

Brooke knows it’s all a game to Cooper. Everything’s a game to him. Risking his life on the back of a wild animal. Winning impossible dares. Whisking her away for the best dates of her life. The man knows exactly how to shock and surprise her, taking her places she’s never been before and making her feel things she’s never felt before.

But Brooke’s counting down the days to the end of Stampede—to the moment when Cooper gets what he wants and walks out of her life. Proving to her, once again, her reckless heart should not be trusted.

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